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                                   Welcome to our Bible Study Page: The kingdom University.  

We believe that true freedom comes from having the right knowledge.  Our Lord Jesus made this point clear when he said; and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32.  In other words, only the truth you know will give your freedom. This means that you can only excel in proportion to your knowledge. Whether you just want to know more about Christian faith, or you feel a call for leadership, we are here to assist you fulfil your desire. Believe me; there are many moments of doubts and uncertainties we face as humans. That is why in the Scriptures; Apostle Paul, encouraged the young Timothy, to study to show himself approved unto God. 2Tim.2:15. Take the first step now, start learning something new and exciting.

                                      You have a choice of two ways you can enjoy our courses.

As Open Learner – this is primary for your personal growth.  Through this system you can study any topic of your interest. Secondly, you can follow one of our structured or accredited courses.  You can study any of them as a single certificate course or a combination of subjects that may lead to award of diploma or degree, through Masters Academy & Theological Seminary (MATS).


Bible study methods. Devotional life. Knowledge of God. Brokenness.  Grace - inspired leadership. Power prayer. 50 Shades of Grace.  Marriage & Family. Spiritual Growth. How to Find Your life Partner. 

Divine call. Deliverance. Evangelism. Prayer. Giving. Trance. Ecstasy. Dreams. Spiritual Impartations.

For more information about the courses email: master.academy@ymail.com



Prayer ministry – Biblical Fasting –Introduction to Christian Counselling-Bible Study methods – Homiletics – Nouthetic Counselling - Clinical Pastoral Education- Chaplaincy- Training-Spiritual gifts- School of Prophets - 

Youth ministry- Ecclesiology – Pastoral studies. Urban studies – Missions – Church History- Christian Education – Church Planting - Media Evangelism. Eschatology.



Jesus was born by a young innocent girl – a son with a mission. He became a Priest in the order of Melchizedek – If not he wouldn’t have qualified. He was crucified on the tree – If not he would not be an obedient Son and atoning

lamb. He resurrected on the third day – If not he would have been a failure.  He lives in my spirit man – If not he would be a liar.  He rules through His Church- If not he would not be called a King.  He is coming back again – If not he would have become the greatest fraud in history.