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Jubilee Christian Centre Communication Strategy

This strategy outlines how Jubilee Christian Centre intend to accomplish its communications activities. It will help us to ensure that communication with our congregation, partners, communities, and organisations that we encounter to meet our regulator’s requirements. In this way, we will keep everyone informed about our policies, activities and events, and in turn they will know how to share their opinions with us. This Communications Strategy aims to ensure regular and effective communication with stakeholders about the charity’s purposes, values, work and achievements.


We will communicate clearly, openly, accurately and regularly with our congregation, partners and with each other to promote mutual understanding and give a better service to all of God’s creation.


At Jubilee Christian Centre, we pride ourselves in the contribution we make to individuals and the community well-being. We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunity of each individual in the community. We believe, as the scripture says; that we are the salt and light of the world. Matt.5:13-14. Collectively and individually, our primary mission is to proclaim and live the Gospel.

Communication has become central to our mission and drives our success. Each of us as the body of Christ are all responsible for our communication excellence. At Jubilee Christian Centre we make our message exciting and reflects our enthusiasm for the true Word of God and proclamation of His love. Two-way communication and open dialogue with other believers as an important part of productive communication helps us improve our relationship with others and provoke community spirit.


For effectiveness of purpose we aim to establish and preserve transparency in our chosen commination channels both internally and externally. We aim to keep working with other organisations that share the same values and purpose with us while upholding our regulators requirements.

For the primary reason that we serve a diverse audience, we adopt suitable means of communication to meet our target. We use cheap available tools that are readily available to ensure creativity and effectiveness. It is essential that we send our gospel messages in an appropriate, lawful, clear and legible way to our audience.

We are faced with the issue of lawfulness and public accountability. Jubilee Christian Centre is a charity regulated by the Charity Commission. To comply the commission we are committed to:

  1. Openness and accountability at all levels
  2. Clarity of information except that established as private
  3. Ready compliance with requests for information
  4. Openness about governance and strategy
  5. Clear means of holding office-bearers responsible
  6. Information to be available on an equal footing to all interested parties


  • Promote the Word of God as a source of true salvation
  • Address negative or potentially damaging information about the work of God we do in Jubilee Christian Centre, Christian faith and in all of God’s creation
  • Maintain a culture of two-way communication with all our congregation, partners, communities, and organisations that we encounter
  • Keep our congregation, partners, communities, and organisations that we encounter well informed
  • Reach all sections of the community
  • Raise awareness of the charity’s purposes, values, work vision
  • Support all of Jubilee Christian Centre staff in their roles as ambassadors for the charity organisation
  • Support other charity organisations and their leaders in their role in the community
  • Keep abreast of technological developments and embrace them where feasible
  • Promote respect and trust between the church and its congregation
  • Raise the national profile of all Christian faith and Christian organisations


Matthew 24:14 NKJV - “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

In Matthew 24, Jesus’ disciples ask Him for the signs of the “of the end time.” Matthew 24:14 is significant for the end times because it tells us to spread the good news throughout the world “and then the end will come.” This is one last chance for non-believers to hear, believe and repent. We therefore aim to:

  • Keep our congregation and employees informed, updated and promote understanding of the work and the Word of Jesus Christ
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction levels within Jubilee Christian Centre
  • Maintain a strong and consistent identity for Jubilee Christian Centre
  • Raise awareness of Jubilee Christian Centre’s Christian and charitable services to maximise access to them
  • Promote opportunities for community groups and other customers to engage with the Jubilee Christian Centre’s and their partnership working


Our customer is a person, group, or organisation that can influence or be influenced by our work, words, activities, objectives, policies and procedures. We acknowledge that they have varying needs, aspirations and are entitled to our considerations. They include but not limited to:

  • Our congregation
  • People and organisations who hear our words, read our publications and use Jubilee Christian centre’s services
  • Visitors, members, volunteers and employees
  • Other churches and voluntary groups
  • Residents local to our churches
  • Local organisations and Businesses and their staff
  • Local Schools colleges and the universities
  • Jubilee Christian Centre’s partner organisations
  • Regional and national media

Members and charities fund the church, volunteers are the labour of the church and employees facilitate the process, all of this create an environment that is inviting for visitors.


Direct Communication by God to People

We begin with God revealing Himself to Adam, the patriarchs, prophets, Apostles, various servants without intermediaries. Yet He used a "method" or "media" to communicate to these people as the Hebrews writer states in vs. 1: He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and many ways

God chose communication methods (medias "ways") suitable and effective for the time and person in question, for example:

  • Face to face with Adam and Eve – Genesis 3:8
  • In the form of an angel for Abraham – Genesis 18:1-3
  • In dreams and visions for Joseph – Genesis 37:5
  • With a burning bush for Moses – Exodus 3:1-9
  • The sound of a voice and appearance of a dove for the witnesses of Jesus' baptism – Matthew 3:13-17
  • Tongues of fire for the Apostles – Acts 2:3-4

All God, all communication, but the methods (Medias) were different based on the need of the hearers and the message in question. For example, God speaks of the future to Joseph in a dream. Moses' doubts are overcome by the dramatic appearance of a burning bush – a dream would not have sent him back to face the Pharaoh. Tongues of fire confirm the anointing of the Apostles with the Spirit of God in a dynamic way.

With the knowledge that the church is the present hope of the all of God's creation, as a church we have the responsibility of communicating the greatest message known to mankind; what can be proclaimed as the only message capable of changing a person’s entire eternity. The weight of that responsibility is both deep and unimaginable. It moves us to action and demands that we communicate it well. We have a range of spoken and published methods through which we communicate with our customers, and our customers can communicate with us.

These include:

  • Message during Sunday and weekday service.
  • The Weekly Bulletin - The weekly bulletin is one of the first lines of offense for communicating effectively. Announcements each week about what is coming up. This also promotes our other avenues of communication in the bulletin, including your website and social media accounts.
  • Websites – An effective communication strategy involves a strong website. Our website provides information on upcoming events, ministry news, and church-wide announcements. We will ensure that our website looks nice, user friendly, is easy to navigate, and is regularly updated.
  • Local, regional and national media including radio and television
  • All available Social Media - Most people receive all their news and resource from some sort of social network, primarily on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube. Jubilee Christian Centre will strive to engage with our people in these spaces with announcements, updates, and content. Though the elderly may care less about social media presence, but we will continue to engage a younger generation, using social media outlets.
  • Email - Just about everyone has an email account, so we will continue to explore sending out eNewsletter each week filled with updates and announcements for our church members.
  • Phone calls and Text messaging - Some members of our congregation will not participate in Social media forums or email. When they resist these innovations and prefer old-fashioned means of communication, we will continue to explore those alternative routes.
  • Conventional Mailings - As the cost of postage increases, physical mailings can get pricy. Today, there are so many free methods of communication and physical mailings are time-consuming, but this remains the preferred means of communication for some people.
  • Reports and policy documents
  • Events
  • Roadshows and displays.


A successful communication strategy takes into consideration the church’s mission, vision, and objectives. Our message priorities are driven by the missional motivation of the church, being the best way of removing distracting and misleading messages that should not be a priority in this day and time. In our communication we aim to engage with our various customer groups in optimising the quality of our services and facilities.

Information is provided and requested on:

  • Salvation message
  • How Jubilee Christian Centre operates
  • Jubilee Christian Centre events and activities
  • Jubilee Christian Centre’s policies are
  • What services Jubilee Christian Centre provides
  • Where and how to access these services
  • Changes to these services
  • Who are our leaders and what their roles are
  • Where and how we can help and support congregation and customers
  • Signpost you on where to get help if we can’t help you
  • How customers can become involved with Jubilee Christian Centre’s services
  • How customers can influence our policies, plans and activities
  • How to provide feedback on our policies, decisions, and activities
  • Who our partners are and how we work with them
  • Our successes and challenges


In so as much as Communication is every member’s responsibility, we have a media and communications team that manages Jubilee Christian Centre’s communications function by providing strategy, procedures, guidance and advice, ensuring that information is exchanged in a legal, compliant, accurate and consistent manner.

The Head of Communications is designated as Jubilee Christian Centre’s principal media contact and spokesperson. That team decides on the best way to disseminate information that is necessary, relevant and accurate.

Upon approval by the General Overseer and/or Head of Administration, the Communications Department will convey the centre’s official position on significant issues or matters of relevance, controversial or sensitive in nature. However, due to knowledge limitation, lack of experience and expertise in certain field of knowledge, there may be instances the General Overseer and/or Head of Administration may exercises discretion to appoint someone external from the communications to be a spokesperson. In such instance, the Communications Department will work closely with that party or individual to prepare them for all possible media interface outcomes.


A reporter, producer or other news media may contact Jubilee Christian Centre for a number of reasons, for example:

  • To get information about Jubilee Christian Centre or any of its Stakeholders.
  • To obtain a comment on an item of news.
  • To get information about a recent unexpected event such as thefts or arrests, accidents or injuries; customer or employee complaints, federal, state or local regulatory actions; etc.
  • To get general information on a topical story in the community such as changes in policies, problems or issues specific to the community we are situated, etc.
  • To challenge Jubilee Christian Centre’s Biblical position in relation to trends in society and changes in the law.

All media calls should ideally be referred to the Head of Communications. Jubilee Christian Centre’s Communication team can be reached on our email address jubileecentre@hotmail.com. When taking a call from the media, the same courtesy and professionalism in which we treat our stakeholders will always be applied.


A similar process as described above will be used when someone from the media is requesting permission to take photographs or to film inside our facilities. Refer the caller to The Head of Communications.

No one will be given access to the Centre’s Office facility for a photo or filming without approval from The Head of Communications. This decision will be based upon several considerations including but not limited to:

  • The intended use of the photos or films
  • Disruption to the centre
  • The purpose aligns with the centre’s values

This Policy will be reviewed annually.