Jubilee Christian Centre
     Where everybody is somebody in Christ 



Please Send in your prayer requests. Our dedicated prayer warriors will pray and if you wish, they will get back to you for more support.



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  Jubilee Community Projects:

Youth Project-  dance, drama, film production, music, bible study and lots of fun.

BKMN- Brother's keepers ministries network; life changing forum for men.

Daughters of destiny- Jubilee women are God's daughters of destiny and purpose and they are showing through their love and care for others.

Mercy & Compassion- homeless project, family care unity, food bank, clothes etc, operations covers both local and international

WOW- project- welcome on Wednesday for coffee and tea in the morning and interactive bible study in the evenings.

Music & Choir- Altar of worship(AOW);a yearly powerful musical expression of awe and praise to God. A time of uplifting.


Manna Projects.

Establishing places of hope in Africa.

The Lord impressed upon Bishop Ben, to build a safe place for children in Africa; so that they can grow up in a healthy and safe environment. We have invested a lot of time, energy, money and talents in making sure that people who are in need are not turned away from our centres.




1.  Health: Caring for the whole man

2.   Education: shaping the future through a Christ centred approach.

3.   Spiritual Needs: Dealing with belief systems that hinder progress and true spirituality.



Safe Home for Girls- we provide safe accommodation for young women coming off the streets.

Clean Water- we have been for over 15years now providing clean water for some targeted communities in Africa.

Medical Mission- our organisation has provided medical care to over 10,000 children and adults in various parts of Africa.

Orphanages- Since 1997, manna children's home has been caring for orphan kids and the less privileged ones.

Farm Development - a small size farm was established to provide food, jobs and financial support.


We want to sincerely, appreciate our partners and supporters for their love and contributions over the years. Thank you, and God bless.


For more information regarding any of our project please contact us, either by e-mail or phone.



 If you are a student you may benefit from the services we offer here at SAMP. Contact us for more information.